Master Franchise Opportunities

Join the Cleantastic Family as a Master Franchise

What Makes This Franchise Opportunity So Special

With this opportunity, you will own the Master Franchise rights for Cleantastic in your area, state, or province. You will be the one in charge of recruiting and looking after the franchisees who work for you. This is an exclusive opportunity unlike any other, and you will have the chance to build a substantial recurring royalty-based revenue through the work with your franchisees.

A strictly limited number of Cleantastic Master Franchises are now available. They offer a truly inspiring franchise opportunity to work, motivate, and assist others in achieving their goals – which, in turn, allows you to achieve your own.

Cleantastic offers you the chance to capitalise upon the success of the multi-billion-dollar cleaning industry. By combining it with the dynamic catalyst of franchising, an established and highly profitable trend, Cleantastic is able to offer you an exciting opportunity that is not to be missed.

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Key Benefits of Master Franchises

Essential Service

Commercial cleaning is a multi-billion dollar international business, which is largely unaffected by market moods and volatility in comparison to other industries.

Well-proven Franchise Formula

Over 900 franchisees use our successful formula. Our success is an easy selling point to new franchisees, as we are one of the few franchise opportunities available that provide guaranteed monthly revenue.

Comprehensive Training

Master Franchisees are provided with a two-week training program on all aspects of the business.

Low Investment

Both the Master Franchise and Sub-Franchisees experience low investment rates, so jumping on board isn’t a daunting decision.

Lower Royalties

Other franchise concepts in similar cleaning industries can’t match our royalty rates on offer.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Master Franchisees make money from initial franchise fees, ongoing royalty from existing franchisees, and profits from contracts run by the Master Franchisee.

Would I Qualify?

The ideal Master Franchisee has a background in sales and is comfortable training and supporting franchisees from a variety of backgrounds. Experience in the cleaning industry is not required.

While the benefits are great, this is not a task for the faint-hearted. Because the success of your Cleantastic Master Franchise would be intertwined with the overall prosperity of Cleantastic, you would be selected for, and not sold, the Cleantastic Master rights.

But with the opportunity to own an operation with the potential to control 100 or more franchisees in your region, a considerable opportunity awaits those with the desire and ability to take a company with a proven record of success to new and exciting levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cleantastic Master Franchise?

As a Cleantastic Master Franchisee, you would be one of a small number of Master Owners allowed to run the Cleantastic system in your area, selling franchises and running the support business for those franchisees.

What would my role be?

You would be responsible for three main areas of the business:

  • Negotiating cleaning contracts using the Cleantastic system
  • Selecting and selling new franchisees to come into the business
  • Running franchise support functions.
How would I make money out of my business?

There are three main areas from which you would receive income:

  • From initial franchise fees from new franchisees
  • From ongoing royalty income from existing franchisees
  • From profits from contracts run by your Master Franchisee.
How many Master Franchise opportunities are available?

Unfortunately, there are very few Master Franchise opportunities available. Once a Master Franchise has been selected, that person or company owns the exclusive rights to that area. This considerably limits the number of franchises available. Please contact us so that we can advise you of availability in your area.

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