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Commercial Cleaning Services in Sydney

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Commercial cleaning services Sydney

Commercial & Office Cleaning Sydney

As a business owner, one of your top priorities will always be keeping your commercial office space in Sydney clean and tidy. No matter the industry you’re in, and whether you or your employees see customers or not, it’s important for health and safety as well as aesthetics to maintain a clean space. 

Boasting a robust client base of more than 8,000 businesses throughout Australia, Cleantastic brings over two decades of hands-on experience in commercial cleaning. We offer comprehensive cleaning solutions for diverse settings, be it an office, medical clinic, restaurant, or any other commercial establishment. 

What’s Included in Our Sydney Commercial Cleaning Service

We offer cleaning services on a daily, weekly, or fortnightly basis to suit the needs of your business.

We cater to every kind of commercial space imaginable.

A Cleantastic owner-operator will look after your business as if it was their own.

Duties include kitchen cleaning, toilet and washroom cleaning, general vacuuming, mopping, dusting and disinfecting of all areas.

Window cleaning and carpet steam cleaning as required.

Commercial cleaning service Sydney

The Cleantastic

100% Performance

Satisfaction Guarantee!

Quality of service takes centre stage at Cleantastic. Backed by our 100% Performance Satisfaction Guarantee, you can have peace of mind knowing that your commercial area will meet the highest cleaning standards every single visit. It’s unlikely you’ll need to use the guarantee, but it’s reassuring to know you’re covered.

Request a Commercial Cleaning Quote in Sydney

We’re ready to work with you to plan, conduct, and maintain a cleaning program that works for you and your commercial space. Please leave your details in this form and one of our local Cleantastic representatives will contact you.

We Cover Every Industry

At Cleantastic, quality of service is our top priority. With our 100% Performance Satisfaction Guarantee, you can be sure that your commercial space will be cleaned to the highest standard every time. You won’t need to use it, but it’s good to know it’s there!


Just one colleague with a cold can jeopardise the health of your entire workforce! Regular, professional cleaning can help keep sickness at bay while enhancing workplace efficiency.

Medical and Healthcare

It’s no secret to anyone in healthcare that stringent cleanliness is essential for minimising the spread of infections.

Cafes and Restaurants

In the hospitality sector, consistent cleaning is vital not only for health and safety but also for maintaining food quality and your business’s good standing.

Childcare Centres

A well-cleaned childcare environment is a secure one. Consistent, thorough cleaning is vital where children are looked after. Our cleaning services aim to keep both children and their guardians safe.


In the fitness industry, sweat, blood, and tears are daily phenomena— make sure all are efficiently cleaned to secure the well-being of your clients and staff.

High Touchpoint Cleaning

COVID-19 has underlined the significance of diligent sanitisation of frequently handled surfaces. Our team can help curtail the spread of viruses like COVID-19 via comprehensive cleaning solutions.
Office Cleaning Sydney

Office Cleaning Sydney

A clean office space does more than you realise. As well as keeping you and your employees safe and healthy, a clean office keeps everybody’s minds free of clutter and allows you to focus. With this comes increased productivity and, in turn, an increase in revenue.

The mood among employees and leadership lifts when everyone starts the day in a clean office. This boost in morale is accompanied by health benefits. A clean workspace minimises germs, leading to fewer absences and more focus on creating quality work.

At Cleantastic, our services extend to offices of all sizes in Sydney. Our goal is to achieve the highest levels of cleanliness, safety, and hygiene, letting you focus on your essential tasks in a happier state of mind.

Office Cleaning Inclusions

We offer cleaning schedules that range from daily to weekly or even fortnightly, tailored for your office’s needs.

No matter the kind of commercial office you have, we can handle the cleaning.

At Cleantastic, our owner-operators treat your business with the same care they’d give their own.

Our tasks encompass cleaning kitchens, toilets, and washrooms, along with general vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and disinfecting throughout the premises.

Window gleaming and carpet steam cleaning are available as needed.

Why Office Cleaning Matters

Cut Down on Staff Sick Days

The typical office worker touches 10 million bacteria per day. By having your site professionally cleaned and disinfected, you can reduce office sick days by approximately 30%!

Elevate Health and Safety Standards

A neat workspace isn’t only for show; it’s a fundamental aspect of maintaining the health and safety of your staff and clients. Effective cleaning can lessen the transmission of diseases like the cold and flu.

Increase Time, Reduce Stress

Time spent cleaning is time taken away from your core business activities. We can help you save that time and reduce the stress of keeping a tidy office.

Client-Ready Professionalism

Creating a good first impression is crucial, and a perfectly clean building can make all the difference. Our cleaning services make sure your facility is primed for daily business or special events.

In-Depth Cleaning

We utilise quality products and state-of-the-art methods for a deep clean. Inadequate cleaning can elevate risks and consume a lot of time; we ensure that every job is done to the utmost standard.

Increase Employee Effectiveness

Keeping your office clean is not just for show; it’s proven to boost productivity and staff morale. Studies indicate that a clean office significantly increases team efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Commercial Cleaning FAQs

What's the expense involved in commercial cleaning?
Starting at just $45 per visit, our commercial cleaning services are affordable. Get in touch for a tailored quote.
What's the time investment for a commercial clean?
The duration of your clean depends on the size of your space and the requirements of your clean. A regular clean for a small commercial space may take less than an hour, while a larger area with multiple floors may take a few hours. Our teams may also bring more cleaners to accommodate your building.
Can the cleaning crew handle windows?
Our regular cleaning services don’t generally include window cleaning, but we can certainly accommodate this request.
Can Cleantastic accommodate an after-hours cleaning schedule?
We offer cleaning services outside of regular 9-5 hours to suit your needs. Because many clients have busy day-time operations, we can schedule cleanings at more convenient times. We are flexible and will work out the best times with you.
What's the cost for office cleaning?
With rates starting from just $45 per visit, our office cleaning services won’t break the bank. Reach out for a personalised quote today.
How long will the office cleaning process take?
Time commitments for an office cleaning can differ based on the area and cleaning requirements. Small offices might be done in under an hour, while larger spaces may take several hours. We also have the capacity to bring in additional cleaners as needed.
Do you offer office window cleaning?
Window cleaning isn’t normally part of the standard cleaning package, but we can include it upon request.
What locations do you service?
Cleantastic operates in several key cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Adelaide. With over 900 active franchises, chances are there’s a cleaner close to you.

Why Choose Cleantastic?

Trusted for 20+ Years

Cleantastic has been servicing Australian commercial spaces all around the country for over 20 years, meaning you know you can rely on us.

Commercial Cleaning Experts

Our team is well-versed in handling different types of commercial cleaning needs, be it for a childcare centre, a gym, or an office.

Tailored Packages

We collaborate closely with you to create, implement, and sustain a cleaning schedule tailored to your commercial space.

All Industries Serviced

We’re ready to partner with you to design, execute, and manage a cleaning schedule that fits your commercial needs. Submit your details in this form, and a Cleantastic representative from your locality will make contact.