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Commercial and Office Cleaning Services in Melbourne

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Commercial cleaning services Melbourne

Commercial and Office Cleaning in Melbourne | Professional Cleaners

All commercial spaces require a certain level of cleanliness, no matter the industry. A clean environment is highly advantageous to employers, staff, clients, and visitors in terms of aesthetics, health, and productivity. At Cleantastic, one of your top priorities is to keep your commercial space in Melbourne clean and tidy.

The Cleantastic team proudly consists of more than 8,000 businesses throughout Australia and over two decades of hands-on experience in commercial cleaning in Melbourne. We offer comprehensive cleaning solutions for diverse settings, be it an office, medical clinic, restaurant, or a variety of other commercial establishments. Subsequently, if you have a commercial property that requires commercial cleaning services, we are right for you.

Commercial Cleaning Services: What We Offer

Our professional cleaning services in Melbourne include a comprehensive range of options to suit your cleaning requirements. As the best commercial cleaners in your area, we are committed to providing an unforgettable professional cleaning experience. Our excellent service with affordable prices aims to create and maintain a healthy environment for everyone that boosts your reputation, workflow, and business gains.

Our commercial and office cleaning in Melbourne includes:

Flexibility! Opt for daily, weekly, or fortnightly cleaning for your commercial premises in Melbourne

Cleaning responsibilities for diverse commercial environments.

An owner-operator who will look after your commercial or office space as if it was their own.

A broad range of industrial cleaning services that incorporate office space, kitchens, toilets, and washrooms

A variety of office and commercial cleaning tasks, such as general vacuuming, mopping, and disinfecting of all sectors.

Window washing and carpet steam cleaning as an added service.

Commercial cleaning service Melbourne

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All our cleaners are excited to work with you and help you create a commercial setting you are proud of. We are dedicated to planning, conducting, and maintaining a cleaning program that works for you and your commercial setting.

Please leave your details in this request form and one of our local representatives will be in touch to begin the process so that you enjoy a productive, safe, and healthy workplace in no time at all!

Industries Serviced by Cleantastic Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

Whether it is simple maintenance or deep cleaning services, you will wonder why you haven’t used a commercial cleaning company sooner. Having a cleaning service as part of your business operations can be a monumental turning point. It has the potential to free up time spent by staff cleaning, encourage increased productivity, reduce safety risks, and maximise client interaction.

Our professional team can meet the cleaning needs of a broad array of industries and commercial facilities. With ongoing support from expert cleaners in Melbourne, you can experience the wonders of commercial cleaning services! A range of industries we service includes:

Improve safety and productivity by providing and maintaining a clean and healthy environment. From rubbish removal to carpet cleaning to ceiling cleaning, our cleaning methods can work towards creating a better space for staff and visitors.

It is of utmost importance and required by set standards that healthcare facilities and offices are immaculate to curb disease transmission and minimise safety risks.Our office cleaners are highly trained to deliver a full range of appropriate cleaning solutions that meet requirements and expectations.

Consistent and comprehensive cleaning is vital in the hospitality sector, not only for health and safety but also for maintaining great food quality and meeting professional standards. Put your trust in experienced professionals for a workplace clean that will bolster your reputation.

Competent, rigorous, and consistent cleaning is crucial for facilities that accommodate kids to ensure the health and safety of the children and their carers. That is why our trained cleaners are dedicated to maintaining a high standard of cleanliness.

In the fitness industry, sweat, blood, and tears are daily phenomena. Our commercial cleaners provide efficient gym cleaning to optimise the well-being, safety, and productivity of gym clients and staff.

The COVID-19 pandemic emphasised the need for meticulous cleaning of frequently touched surfaces. Our professional team can help minimise the presence of viruses and keep them at bay with thorough sanitisation, deep cleaning, and ongoing support.

Commercial Cleaning Services: The Cleantastic

100% Performance

Satisfaction Guarantee!

As a leading provider and popular cleaning company in Melbourne, we do not compromise on cleaning service quality. That is why we offer a 100% performance satisfaction guarantee. You can feel rest assured that your Melbourne commercial or office environment will be cleaned by trained professionals to the utmost standards at an affordable price.

Office Cleaning Melbourne

Office Cleaning Melbourne

A tidy workspace offers more benefits than you might initially notice. It not only protects the team’s health but also sharpens everyone’s focus by eliminating distractions and hazards. A clean environment fosters improved efficiency, increased staff and customer satisfaction and morale, better workplace attendance, and subsequent revenue optimisation.

At Cleantastic, we provide cleaning services for small and large offices in Melbourne. We strive to provide the most pristine, safe, and hygienic workspaces possible so that your team can dedicate time and energy to business pursuits, rather than trying to maintain cleaning standards or deal with the ramifications of an unclean office.

Why Office Cleaning Matters in Melbourne

Business operations rely on a smooth-running team. Having clean and tidy offices can create an important foundation by providing a safe, motivating environment for workers.

Office Cleaning Services Can Reduce Staff Sick Days

If one worker or visitor is feeling under the weather, it can be enough to compromise an entire office and affect productivity and work attendance, which can have significant fallout effects on the business. Professional commercial cleaners using high-quality cleaning products can help to decrease the number of sick days taken by office staff by approximately 30% due to the significant impact regular cleaning can have. 

Minimise Stress And Maximise Time With Our Cleaning Services

You have work to do, so leave the cleaning to us! We can help you allocate your time more efficiently by eliminating the strain connected to maintaining office cleaning. A clean and tidy workspace can promote productivity and motivation. Studies show that the cleanliness of an office or workplace can improve staff satisfaction and team efficiency.

Client-Ready Professionalism

Creating a good first impression is crucial, and a perfectly clean office space can make all the difference. Our cleaning services make sure your facility is primed for daily business through to special events.

Reduce Fire Risk With a Clean Office

With the use of industry-leading products and advanced techniques, our Melbourne cleaners guarantee thorough office cleaning, which can improve fire safety by minimising dust and clutter.

Answers to Your Commercial Cleaning Melbourne Questions

How much does it cost to have a commercial space cleaned in Melbourne?

Starting at just $45 per visit, our commercial cleaning services come at affordable prices. Please get in touch for a free quote.

How long does it take for a commercial clean in Melbourne?

The cleaning time required to undertake our service depends on the size of your space and your cleaning requirements. For instance, standard cleaning for a small commercial space in Melbourne may take less than an hour, while a large area with multiple floors may take a few hours.

For bigger commercial cleaning services, we may increase the number of cleaners attending to accommodate your building’s requirements. We can assess this with an onsite appointment or phone call to determine the expected cleaning time frame.

Is window cleaning included in your services?
Our regular cleaning services don’t generally include window cleaning, but we can certainly accommodate this request.
Is it possible for your commercial cleaners Melbourne team to clean after hours?

We can visit outside typical office hours to accommodate your needs and preferences. Many of our clients have bustling workplaces full of staff and visitors, so providing cleaning services during the day doesn’t always make sense! Our team is flexible and accommodating and will discuss the best times for you.

What type of cleaning products do you use?

All our cleaners use eco-friendly products to make a positive contribution towards your health and the health of the environment. Using eco-friendly cleaning products does not reduce the effectiveness of a clean. What’s more, staff and visitors will appreciate the lack of harsh chemical smells!

Where does Cleantastic provide services?

We service cities all around Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, and the Gold Coast. With over 900 active franchises nationwide, we likely have your location covered.

Why Choose Cleantastic For Commercial or Office Cleaning in Melbourne?

Cleantastic is a leading cleaning company in Melbourne in terms of commercial office cleaning services. We are proud to support business operations by keeping each space clean and tidy. We look forward to fulfilling your commercial office cleaning needs.

Trusted in The Commercial Cleaning Industry For 20+ Years

Having provided reliable service for over 20 years, Cleantastic has become a go-to choice for commercial and office cleaning in Melbourne and across Australia.

Commercial And Office Cleaning Services

We are expert cleaners in a variety of commercial environments. From commercial office cleaning services to strata cleaning to cleaning solutions in facilities such as shopping malls, gyms, and retail stores, we deliver a comprehensive range of cleaning service options to make your cleaning worries go away!

Tailored Commercial Office Cleaning

We collaborate closely with you to create, implement, and sustain a cleaning program and schedule tailored to your commercial cleaning needs and business operations. This may include occasional or regular cleaning, and standard or in-depth services, such as window cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, steam cleaning, and advice regarding cleaning solutions.

Commercial Cleaning in Melbourne For All Business Sectors

The Cleantastic team is excited to provide our comprehensive cleaning service in your commercial spaces. If you are looking to organise a cleaner, please contact our friendly team with any questions and to organise a free quote.