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Commercial Cleaning Services in Gold Coast

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Commercial cleaning services Gold Coast

Commercial & Office Cleaning Gold Coast

For those at the helm of a business, the cleanliness of your Gold Coast office environment should always rank high on your to-do list. Regardless of your sector or whether you’re client-facing, maintaining a sanitary setting is paramount for health, safety, and a pleasing aesthetic. 

Cleantastic has the privilege of servicing a substantial number of over 8,000 businesses in Australia. With a solid track record spanning over 20 years in commercial cleaning, we’re proficient in providing exhaustive cleaning services for a myriad of commercial environments, be they offices, healthcare facilities, or dining establishments. 

Our Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning Inclusions

We offer cleaning services on a daily, weekly, or fortnightly basis to suit the needs of your business.

Our services extend to a broad spectrum of commercial settings.

With Cleantastic, an owner-operator will personally manage the cleaning of your space as though it were their own business.

Our cleaning scope comprises kitchen, toilet and washroom upkeep, as well as all-around vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and disinfection.

Should you need it, we also offer window cleaning and steam cleaning for carpets.

Commercial cleaning service Gold Coast

The Cleantastic

100% Performance

Satisfaction Guarantee!

Service quality is the cornerstone of our offering at Cleantastic. Thanks to our 100% Performance Satisfaction Guarantee, rest assured that the cleanliness of your commercial space will consistently match the highest criteria. It’s something you likely won’t need to use, but it’s always good to have that security.

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We Cover Every Industry

Service quality is the cornerstone of our offering at Cleantastic. Thanks to our 100% Performance Satisfaction Guarantee, rest assured that the cleanliness of your commercial space will consistently match the highest criteria. It’s something you likely won’t need to use, but it’s always good to have that security.


All it takes is one person with the sniffles to infect a whole office building! With regular cleaning, you can reduce sickness and increase office productivity.

Medical and Healthcare

As anybody within the medical industry knows, medical facilities need to be as clean as possible to prevent the spread of illnesses.

Cafes and Restaurants

Frequent cleaning is indispensable in the hospitality industry for ensuring the well-being of staff and patrons, food integrity, and the establishment’s reputation.

Childcare Centres

Childcare centres that prioritise cleanliness are safer environments. Systematic, professional cleaning is key in settings caring for the younger generation. Our services make sure kids and their minders stay healthy.


When you operate a gym, it’s all in a day’s work to encounter sweat, effort, and fatigue— see that these are properly dealt with to maintain a safe environment for all.

High Touchpoint Cleaning

The pandemic has emphasised the need for meticulous cleaning of surfaces often touched. Our cleaning crew can help mitigate the dissemination of viruses like COVID-19 with thorough sanitisation.
Office Cleaning Gold Coast

Office Cleaning Gold Coast

A clean office space does more than you realise. As well as keeping you and your employees safe and healthy, a clean office keeps everybody’s minds free of clutter and allows you to focus. With this comes increased productivity and, in turn, an increase in revenue.

Employees and managers are happier when each day they’re greeted with a clean and tidy office, which increases morale. Plus, there’s the health benefits to consider— a clean office keeps germs at bay, meaning fewer sick days and more time spent producing quality work.

Cleantastic serves office spaces both big and small in Gold Coast. We set our sights on creating the most immaculate, secure, and hygienic settings so you can get on with what you need to.

What’s Included in Our Office Cleaning Service

Daily, weekly, or fortnightly cleaning of your office.

We manage the cleanliness of diverse commercial office settings.

A Cleantastic owner-operator will look after your business as if it was their own.

We cover all bases, from kitchen and washroom cleanliness to general vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and full disinfection.

Window cleaning and carpet steam cleaning as required.

Why Invest in Office Cleaning?

Reduce Staff Sickness

On average, an office employee encounters 10 million bacteria daily. Professional cleaning can help you cut down sick days by about 30%.

Boost Wellbeing and Safety

Cleaning isn’t just about the appearance of your workplace; it is also about the health and safety of your staff and customers. Colds, flu, and other diseases are contagious, and appropriate cleaning can reduce transmission.

Maximise Time, Minimise Stress

Your time is better spent overseeing your business than cleaning your office. Let us help you reclaim your time and alleviate cleaning-related stress.

Client-Ready Professionalism

Creating a good first impression is crucial, and a perfectly clean building can make all the difference. Our cleaning services make sure your facility is primed for daily business or special events.

Complete Cleaning

With the use of industry-leading products and advanced techniques, we guarantee a thorough cleaning. We also eliminate fire risks associated with dust and clutter, and our efficient process saves you time.

Increase Employee Effectiveness

Keeping your office clean is not just for show; it’s proven to boost productivity and staff morale. Studies indicate that a clean office significantly increases team efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Commercial Cleaning FAQs

How much do I need to budget for commercial cleaning?
From just $45 per visit, our commercial cleaning services are an affordable choice. For a specific quote tailored to you, enquire today.
What's the duration for a commercial cleaning session?
Cleaning times can vary based on the scope of the work and the size of the space. A smaller commercial area might require less than an hour, whereas a larger, multi-level space could need a few hours. Depending on your needs, we can deploy more cleaners.
Do you offer window cleaning?
Standard cleaning usually doesn’t cover window cleaning, but it can be organised separately.
Can Cleantastic accommodate an after-hours cleaning schedule?
We can certainly clean outside of regular business hours. We understand that many workspaces are occupied during the day, so we aim to be as accommodating and flexible as possible.
How much should I budget for office cleaning?
With rates starting from just $45 per visit, our office cleaning services won’t break the bank. Reach out for a personalised quote today.
How long will the office cleaning process take?
The duration of your clean depends on the size of your space and the requirements of your clean. A regular clean for a small office may take less than an hour, while a larger office with multiple floors may take a few hours. Our teams may also bring more cleaners to accommodate your building.
Do you offer office window cleaning?
Window cleaning isn’t typically included in a standard clean; however, it can be arranged.
Do you offer services in my location?
We service a broad area, including cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Adelaide. With over 900 active franchises nationwide, we’ve likely got your location covered.

Why Choose Us?

Trusted for 20+ Years

Having provided reliable service for over 20 years, Cleantastic has become a go-to choice for commercial cleaning across Australia.

Commercial Cleaning Experts

We’re experts at cleaning a variety of commercial environments, such as childcare centres, gyms, and offices.

Tailored Packages

We collaborate closely with you to create, implement, and sustain a cleaning schedule tailored to your commercial space.

We Service All Industries

We’re geared up to coordinate with you in planning, undertaking, and maintaining a cleaning initiative that aligns with your commercial space’s needs. Fill in your details in this form and a Cleantastic rep in your area will be in touch.