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Commercial Cleaning Services in Adelaide

Prices begin at just $45 each visit!
Commercial cleaning services Adelaide

Commercial & Office Cleaning Adelaide

For those at the helm of a business, the cleanliness of your Adelaide office environment should always rank high on your to-do list. Regardless of your sector or whether you’re client-facing, maintaining a sanitary setting is paramount for health, safety, and a pleasing aesthetic. 

With a clientele exceeding 8,000 commercial accounts nationwide, Cleantastic has amassed more than 20 years of expertise in the Adelaide cleaning industry. We’re equipped to deliver meticulous cleaning services for a wide array of commercial spaces, ranging from offices to medical centres to restaurants. 

Included Services for Adelaide Commercial Cleaning

Daily, weekly, or fortnightly cleaning of your commercial space in Adelaide.
We cater to every kind of commercial space imaginable.
Every cleaning task is overseen by a Cleantastic owner-operator who regards your enterprise with the same concern as they do their own.
Our cleaning scope comprises kitchen, toilet and washroom upkeep, as well as all-around vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and disinfection.
As an added service, we provide window washing and carpet steam cleaning as necessary.
Commercial cleaning service Adelaide

The Cleantastic

100% Performance

Satisfaction Guarantee!

At Cleantastic, we don’t compromise on service quality. Our 100% Performance Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that your Adelaide commercial environment will consistently be cleaned to the utmost standards. While you probably won’t have to use this guarantee, it’s comforting to know you could.

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We’re ready to collaborate with you to create, implement, and sustain a cleaning regimen tailored for your commercial premises. Just fill out this form, and a Cleantastic local agent will get in touch.

Catering to All Business Sectors

Quality of service takes centre stage at Cleantastic. Backed by our 100% Performance Satisfaction Guarantee, you can have peace of mind knowing that your commercial area will meet the highest cleaning standards every single visit. It’s unlikely you’ll need to use the guarantee, but it’s reassuring to know you’re covered.

Offices in Adelaide

All it takes is one person with the sniffles to infect a whole office building! With regular cleaning, you can reduce sickness and increase office productivity.

Medical and Healthcare in Adelaide

It’s no secret to anyone in healthcare that stringent cleanliness is essential for minimising the spread of infections.

Cafes and Restaurants in Adelaide

Regular cleaning in the hospitality industry is essential to the health and safety of your customers and employees, the freshness of your food, and the reputation of your business.

Adelaide Childcare Centres

A clean childcare centre is a safe childcare centre. Regular, professional cleaning and disinfection is important in any place that cares for children. We offer childcare centre cleaning to keep the little ones, and their carers, safe.

Gyms in Adelaide

Sweat, blood, and tears are just part of another day in the office when you run a gym— ensure they’re cleaned up thoroughly to keep your customers and team safe.

High Touchpoint Cleaning

COVID has reinforced the importance of thorough disinfection for high touchpoint surfaces. Our team of professional commercial cleaners can assist with slowing the spread of viruses like COVID-19 through the delivery of comprehensive cleaning.
Office Cleaning Adelaide

Office Cleaning Adelaide

A clean office space does more than you realise. As well as keeping you and your employees safe and healthy, a clean office keeps everybody’s minds free of clutter and allows you to focus. With this comes increased productivity and, in turn, an increase in revenue.

Both staff and management are happier when they walk into a neat and organised office daily, lifting collective mood. On top of that, the health perks are considerable — fewer germs means less illness, leading to more time dedicated to valuable work.

Cleantastic serves office spaces both big and small in Adelaide. We set our sights on creating the most immaculate, secure, and hygienic settings so you can get on with what you need to.

Adelaide Office Cleaning Inclusions

You can opt for daily, weekly, or fortnightly cleaning services to keep your office in top shape.

We take care of all types of commercial office spaces.

An owner-operator from Cleantastic will tend to your enterprise as though it were their own pride and joy.

From the kitchen to the toilets, and from vacuuming to mopping, we undertake comprehensive dusting and disinfecting across all areas.

We offer window washing and carpet steam cleaning based on your needs.

Why Invest in Adelaide Office Cleaning?

Minimise Employee Illness

Your average Adelaide team member comes into contact with a whopping 10 million bacteria each day. A pro clean can slash your office’s sick days by roughly 30%.

Improve Occupational Health and Safety

A clean office isn’t just about looks; it’s crucial for the health and safety of your employees and visitors. Proper cleaning can mitigate the spread of contagious illnesses like colds and flu.

Maximise Time, Minimise Stress

Your time is better spent overseeing your business than cleaning your office. Let us help you reclaim your time and alleviate cleaning-related stress.

First Impressions Matter

For an impactful first impression on clients, a meticulously clean facility is key. Our services ensure your building is impeccably cleaned and set for daily functions or special gatherings.

Complete Cleaning

Our professional Adelaide cleaners use leading products and techniques to provide a thorough clean. Dust and clutter can present a fire risk, and completing a detailed clean without the right equipment can be incredibly time-consuming. We’ll complete your job to the highest standard every time.

Promote Productivity

Keeping your office clean is not just for show; it’s proven to boost productivity and staff morale. Studies indicate that a clean office significantly increases team efficiency and employee satisfaction.

FAQs About Commercial Cleaning Adelaide

How much does it cost to have a Adelaide commercial space cleaned?
From just $45 per visit, our commercial cleaning services are an affordable choice. For a specific quote tailored to you, enquire today.
What's the duration for a commercial cleaning session in Adelaide?
The duration of your clean depends on the size of your space and the requirements of your clean. A regular clean for a small commercial space in Adelaide may take less than an hour, while a larger area with multiple floors may take a few hours. Our teams may also bring more cleaners to accommodate your building.
Is window cleaning included in your services?
Window cleaning isn’t typically included in a standard clean; however, it can be arranged.
Can Cleantastic accommodate an after-hours cleaning schedule?
Cleaning outside the typical 9-5 window is not a problem for us. We understand that daytime cleaning may not be convenient for everyone, so we’re more than happy to discuss alternative schedules.
How much does it have to have an office cleaned in Adelaide?
With rates starting from just $45 per visit, our office cleaning services in Adelaide won’t break the bank. Reach out for a personalised quote today.
What's the typical duration for cleaning an office?
The time needed for an office clean varies according to the size and specific needs of your space. Smaller offices may require less than an hour, while larger, multi-floor offices could take a few hours. We can send additional cleaners if required.
Do you offer office window cleaning?
Window cleaning isn’t normally part of the standard cleaning package, but we can include it upon request.
What areas do Cleantastic cover?
Cleantastic proudly services over 8,000 clients across Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Adelaide. We have over 900 active franchises across Australia, so there is sure to be a cleaner near you!

Why Choose Cleantastic?

Trusted for 20+ Years

Having provided reliable service for over 20 years, Cleantastic has become a go-to choice for commercial cleaning across Australia.

Commercial Cleaning Experts

Our team is well-versed in handling different types of commercial cleaning needs, be it for a childcare centre, a gym, or an office.

Tailored Packages

Together, we can customise a cleaning program to suit the unique needs of your commercial area.

We Cover Every Industry

We’re ready to work with you to plan, conduct, and maintain a cleaning program that works for you and your commercial space. Please leave your details in this form and one of our local Cleantastic representatives will contact you.