Cleaning Franchise for Sale in Perth

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Commercial Cleaning Franchise Perth

Commercial Cleaning Franchise for Sale in Perth

How often have you dreamed of starting your own business? With all the possible benefits tempting you, it’s a dream many share. Don’t let it stay that way— make your business ownership dreams a reality with Cleantastic.

Investing in a Cleantastic franchise in Perth offers you the liberty and scope for expansion, putting you in control of your life and income. Along with it, you get our complete backing and know-how, from training and gear to uniforms and business collateral.

Reasons to Become a Cleantastic Franchisee

Concerned about not being a seasoned cleaner? Don’t worry. Cleantastic provides a comprehensive training program for all Perth franchisees, giving you the insights on everything from customer service to day-to-day operations and even the nuances of cleaning.

We also provide training in various specialised areas of cleaning. Any gaps in your knowledge will be addressed for you.

Cleaning Education

A meticulous training program awaits all Cleantastic franchisees, covering everything from actual cleaning tasks to customer service and business operations.

Customer Service Training

At Cleantastic, we understand the importance of customer service, and so it’s a significant part of your training programme.

Technical Instruction

To do your job well, you’ll need a deep understanding of the technical aspects of cleaning. Our training encompasses a variety of methods, including online modules. You’ll be trained professionally before you work with clients.

Operational Guidance

Owning a small business comes with many hurdles. However, with Cleantastic, you have a steadfast support system. We provide help, advice, and guidance on how to manage your business more efficiently.

Reliable Support

As a Cleantastic franchisee, you’re part of a supportive family. We’re always available for advice and guidance in business and cleaning alike.

Secure Investment

Owning a Cleantastic franchise comes with minimal risk, bolstered by 100% guaranteed revenue*. As an essential service, it offers the advantage of being recession-proof, thus providing consistent and reliable income.

Guaranteed Revenue!

Up to $120,000 per year

With Cleantastic, financial stability is part of the package, thanks to our 100% guaranteed revenue* program. Your investment in a cleaning franchise in Perth will offer you limitless opportunities for a fulfilling life. Our franchisees are reliable business owners who have built strong partnerships with some of Australia’s leading brands. They can also earn as much as $120,000 per year!

Ownership of Master Franchise

By taking this opportunity, you can become the Master Franchise owner for Cleantastic in your designated area, state, or province. This role makes you responsible for the recruitment and oversight of franchisees working under you, offering an unparalleled chance to generate a robust recurring income through your network.
Perth Commercial Cleaning Franchises

Your Franchise Questions Answered

What exactly is commercial cleaning?
Commercial cleaning is a core service for businesses across cities, forming a large and stable market. The service mainly includes tasks like emptying trash bins, vacuuming carpets, cleaning restrooms and dusting surfaces. It remains an essential service regardless of economic conditions.
How does the Cleantastic franchise model work?
It’s your own commercial cleaning business with experienced help. When you purchase a franchise, you get the right to use the Cleantastic commercial cleaning business system, our name, support and technical expertise. You’ll receive comprehensive training, equipment, uniform, business cards and manuals. In fact, you’ll have everything you need to get started, including a client base. You choose the size of the business you would like to begin with.
Why is Cleantastic so successful?
We think our success is due to providing what our clients are really looking for: a professional level of cleaning by individuals who are trained and take pride in their profession.
What About Ongoing Fees?
Yes. Like many franchise systems, we charge an ongoing royalty and administration fee. Ask your master franchisee for details.
Is it possible to start out part-time?
Many franchisees take the business on full-time, although the smaller packages can be run on a part-time basis. Often, it’s better to start small and grow.
Is work guaranteed?
*Cleantastic offers a written assurance to offer you a specific volume of work over a predetermined time. Should Cleantastic fail to supply the outlined work quantity during this period, you will still be compensated as if the work was carried out. Certain terms and conditions apply to this guarantee, which will be detailed in your franchise agreement and clarified by a Cleantastic representative.

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