Cleaning Franchise for Sale in Brisbane

Be Part of the Cleantastic Family as a Franchisee.
Commercial Cleaning Franchise Brisbane

Commercial Cleaning Franchise for Sale in Brisbane

How many times have you considered the idea of running your own enterprise? The appeal of being your own boss is universal. Don’t just dream— turn your ambitions into reality with Cleantastic.

Investing in a Cleantastic franchise in Brisbane offers you the liberty and scope for expansion, putting you in control of your life and income. Along with it, you get our complete backing and know-how, from training and gear to uniforms and business collateral.

Why Opt for Cleantastic?

No need to worry about not having a background in cleaning. When you become a Cleantastic Brisbane franchisee, we offer a detailed training course that covers the whole spectrum: from client relations to business tasks and down to the specifics of cleaning.

In addition, we offer targeted training modules that focus on specific cleaning tasks. Whatever area you’re not familiar with, you’ll learn quickly!

Cleaning Training

As a Cleantastic franchisee, you’ll go through a well-structured training plan that encompasses the full range of skills, from cleaning practices to client interactions and business management.

Training in Customer Service

Customer service is an essential part of what makes a service provider successful, and Cleantastic is no exception. It’s an integral part of your training.

Training in Technical Areas

To provide top-level service, you’ll need to understand the technical side of cleaning. That’s why our training programme has multiple components, including online modules, to prepare you fully for client interactions.

Business Operations

Dealing with the many issues that face a small business can be difficult for a new business owner. Cleantastic will provide expert help, support and guidance in all areas of your business. Going into business can be a lonely experience, but not with a Cleantastic Franchise. We’re just a phone call away for advice and help on how to run your business more effectively.

Franchisee Support

Being a part of the Cleantastic family means you’ll never be without guidance. Whether it’s business management or cleaning tips, we’re just a phone call away.

Low Financial Risk

Your Cleantastic franchise comes with guaranteed revenue*, making the venture low-risk. As an essential service, the business is resilient to economic downturns, offering you a dependable, recurring income.

Guaranteed Revenue!

Up to $120,000 per year

Through Cleantastic’s 100% guaranteed revenue* program, our franchisees enjoy a level of financial security. An investment in this cleaning business in Brisbane opens doors to a host of opportunities for a richer life. Our dedicated franchisees work with some of Australia’s most respected brands and can make up to $120,000 a year.

Ownership of Master Franchise

With this distinctive offering, you’ll secure the Master Franchise rights for Cleantastic in your locale, be it a region, state, or province. You’ll be tasked with recruiting and overseeing the franchisees who will be part of your network. This opportunity is unlike any other and will enable you to build a substantial and consistent revenue stream through your franchisees.
Brisbane Commercial Cleaning Franchises

Commonly Asked Franchise Questions

What exactly is commercial cleaning?
It’s the essential cleaning requirement of almost every business in every city – and it’s an extraordinarily large market. It typically involves emptying bins, vacuuming carpets, cleaning bathrooms and dusting. It’s a basic but essential service that’s resilient even in economic downturns.
What is a Cleantastic franchise?
As a Cleantastic franchisee, you own a commercial cleaning business supported by a proven framework. When you buy into the franchise, you acquire the license to use the Cleantastic business system, our established brand name, and ongoing support. We also provide you with extensive training, the necessary tools, uniforms, business cards and operational manuals. Plus, you’ll start with a client list.
Why does Cleantastic stand out?
We believe it’s because we give our clients what they really want – a professional cleaning service carried out by well-trained people who take pride in their work.
Is There a Continuation Fee?
Yes. Like many franchise systems, we charge an ongoing royalty and administration fee. Ask your master franchisee for details.
Can I begin on a part-time basis?
Many franchisees take the business on full-time, although the smaller packages can be run on a part-time basis. Often, it’s better to start small and grow.
Is there a guarantee of work?
*Cleantastic ensures a written promise to allocate you a defined amount of work within a specific timeframe. If we can’t meet that quota at any time during that period, Cleantastic will compensate you as if the work was executed. There are stipulations to this guarantee, and these will be explained fully in your franchise agreement by a Cleantastic team member.

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