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Commercial Cleaning Franchise Cavan

Commercial Cleaning Franchise for Sale

How often have you dreamed of starting your own business? With all the possible benefits tempting you, it’s a dream many share. Don’t let it stay that way— make your business ownership dreams a reality with Cleantastic.

Purchasing a Cleantastic franchise gives you freedom and opportunity for growth, so you can take charge of your days and create the life you want. A Cleantastic franchise also comes with our support and technical expertise, including comprehensive training, equipment, uniforms, business cards, and manuals.

Why Join Cleantastic?

Don’t let the fact that you’re not already a professional cleaner hold you back! All Cleantastic franchisees complete a structured training program that will cover all you need to know. From customer service to back-end business to all the technical cleaning details, our training program covers it all.

We also run detailed training programmes focusing on specialised areas of cleaning. No matter what you’re unfamiliar with, you’ll be doing it in your sleep in no time!

Cleaning Training

All Cleantastic franchisees complete a structured training program that covers not only the cleaning itself but also customer service, health and safety procedures and owning your own business.

Customer Service Training

Customer service is a critical area of any successful service provider. At Cleantastic, things aren’t any different. We are totally committed to customer service and so this forms part of your training.

Technical Detail

In order to do your job effectively, we need to ensure that you understand the technical areas of the cleaning process. Our training programme is delivered through a multi-faceted approach, including an online component. Before going to service your own clients, you would be professionally trained by a Cleantastic franchisee trainer.


Dealing with the many issues that face a small business can be difficult for a new business owner. Cleantastic will provide expert help, support and guidance in all areas of your business. Going into business can be a lonely experience, but not with a Cleantastic Franchise. We’re just a phone call away for advice and help on how to run your business more effectively.


As a member of the Cleantastic family, you’ll have access to guidance and support from people who understand the intricacies of business ownership and the commercial cleaning industry. Anything you need is only a phone call away!

Minimal Risk

With 100% guaranteed revenue*, there is minimal risk involved with starting your Cleantastic franchise. And, as an essential service, your business is recession-proof with reliable recurring revenue. There is not only a low-risk when starting your business but also throughout its lifetime.

Guaranteed Revenue!

Up to $120,000 per year

Our Cleantastic franchisees enjoy the security of our 100% guaranteed revenue* program. When you invest in a cleaning business, you open a world of opportunities to create the life you want. Our franchisees have established themselves as reliable and dedicated business owners, working with some of the most reputable and recognisable brands in Australia. And they earn up to $120,000 a year!

Master Franchise Opportunities

With this opportunity, you will own the Master Franchise rights for Cleantastic in your area, state, or province. You will be the one in charge of recruiting and looking after the franchisees who work for you. This is an exclusive opportunity unlike any other, and you will have the chance to build a substantial recurring revenue through the work with your franchisees.
Cavan Commercial Cleaning Franchises

Your Franchise Questions Answered

What is commercial cleaning?
It’s the essential cleaning requirement of almost every business in every city – and it’s an extraordinarily large market. It typically involves emptying bins, vacuuming carpets, cleaning bathrooms and dusting. It’s a basic but essential service that’s resilient even in economic downturns.
What is a Cleantastic franchise?
It’s your own commercial cleaning business with experienced help. When you purchase a franchise, you get the right to use the Cleantastic commercial cleaning business system, our name, support and technical expertise. You’ll receive comprehensive training, equipment, uniform, business cards and manuals. In fact, you’ll have everything you need to get started, including a client base. You choose the size of the business you would like to begin with.
Why is Cleantastic so successful?
We believe it’s because we give our clients what they really want – a professional cleaning service carried out by well-trained people who take pride in their work.
Are there any ongoing fees?
Yes. Like many franchise systems, we charge an ongoing royalty and administration fee. Ask your master franchisee for details.
Is it possible to start out part-time?
Many franchisees take the business on full-time, although the smaller packages can be run on a part-time basis. Often, it’s better to start small and grow.
Is there a guarantee of work?
*Cleantastic provides a specific written guarantee that you will be offered a set amount of work over a set period. If Cleantastic cannot provide the specified amount of work to you at any time during the fixed period, Cleantastic will pay you as though you had been provided with the work. There are, of course, some conditions that apply to the guarantee. The guarantee is subject to the terms of the franchise agreement and will be fully explained to you by a Cleantastic team member before you enter into a franchise agreement.

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