Cleaning Franchise for Sale in Adelaide

Join the Cleantastic Family as a Franchisee.
Commercial Cleaning Franchise Adelaide

Commercial Cleaning Franchise for Sale in Adelaide

How often have you dreamed of starting your own business? With all the possible benefits tempting you, it’s a dream many share. Don’t let it stay that way— make your business ownership dreams a reality with Cleantastic.

When you acquire a Cleantastic franchise in Adelaide, you’re gaining more than a business—you’re securing the chance for personal and professional growth. Take control of your life and benefit from our full-range of support, including training, gear, and all the essentials like uniforms and business cards.

Why Join Cleantastic?

No need to worry about not having a background in cleaning. When you become a Cleantastic Adelaide franchisee, we offer a detailed training course that covers the whole spectrum: from client relations to business tasks and down to the specifics of cleaning.

We also provide training in various specialised areas of cleaning. Any gaps in your knowledge will be addressed for you.

Cleaning Training

As a new Cleantastic franchisee, you’ll be guided through a structured training course that covers the full range of cleaning techniques, customer relations, and skills in managing your own business.

Training in Customer Service

At Cleantastic, we understand the importance of customer service, and so it’s a significant part of your training programme.

Technical Instruction

To do your job well, you’ll need a deep understanding of the technical aspects of cleaning. Our training encompasses a variety of methods, including online modules. You’ll be trained professionally before you work with clients.

Operational Support

Running a small business comes with its own set of challenges. Cleantastic offers unwavering help, support, and business advice. You’re never alone; we’re always just a call away.

Franchisee Support

As a member of the Cleantastic family, you’ll have access to guidance and support from people who understand the intricacies of business ownership and the commercial cleaning industry. Anything you need is only a phone call away!

Low Financial Risk

With 100% guaranteed revenue*, there is minimal risk involved with starting your Cleantastic franchise. And, as an essential service, your business is recession-proof with reliable recurring revenue. There is not only a low-risk when starting your business but also throughout its lifetime.

Guaranteed Revenue!

Up to $120,000 per year

Experience financial security with our Cleantastic franchise through our 100% guaranteed revenue* program. Invest in a cleaning business in Adelaide and unveil endless opportunities for personal and financial growth. Our franchisees are known for their reliability and dedication, serving top-tier clients across Australia, and they can earn up to $120,000 annually!

Exclusive Master Franchise Opportunities

Take advantage of this rare chance to own the Master Franchise rights for Cleantastic in your region, state, or province. You’ll be responsible for recruiting and supporting franchisees in your network. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to establish significant, recurring revenue via your franchisees.
Adelaide Commercial Cleaning Franchises

Franchise Questions: All You Need to Know

What does commercial cleaning mean?
It’s the essential cleaning requirement of almost every business in every city – and it’s an extraordinarily large market. It typically involves emptying bins, vacuuming carpets, cleaning bathrooms and dusting. It’s a basic but essential service that’s resilient even in economic downturns.
What is a Cleantastic franchise?
A Cleantastic franchise gives you ownership of a commercial cleaning business, backed by seasoned guidance. Upon acquisition, you gain access to the Cleantastic business system, our brand name, support mechanisms and know-how. It includes a complete training package, all essential equipment, uniforms, business cards, and guides to help you start, plus an initial set of clients.
Why is Cleantastic so successful?
Our success, we believe, is rooted in delivering what clients truly desire: top-quality cleaning performed by skilled and passionate individuals.
Are There Continued Expenses?
Yes. Like many franchise systems, we charge an ongoing royalty and administration fee. Ask your master franchisee for details.
Is it possible to start out part-time?
Most franchisees opt for a full-time commitment, but part-time options are available, particularly for smaller franchise packages. It’s usually advisable to start small and then grow.
Is there a guarantee of work?
*Cleantastic ensures a written promise to allocate you a defined amount of work within a specific timeframe. If we can’t meet that quota at any time during that period, Cleantastic will compensate you as if the work was executed. There are stipulations to this guarantee, and these will be explained fully in your franchise agreement by a Cleantastic team member.

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